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Just joined!

2010-09-26 15:53:17 by vanderweisman

Well, I've been looking for an audio website and I found one. Newgrounds looks like it will be great.

My song hasn't been approved yet but when it does I would like you to check it out!


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2010-09-26 18:53:26

Yep, that's a good site for music.
Ny the way what kind of music do you make?

vanderweisman responds:

I'm experimenting with different kinds of electronic music on FL studio... so just techno and trance...

Just heard dubstep for the first time today. I'm trying that!


2010-10-05 18:33:20

Welcome to NG!

vanderweisman responds:



2010-12-08 06:52:24

Welcome To Helllllll MuMUHAHAH... er newgrounds!

Please leave your soul at the door, you won't be needing it..


Sounds good. if you ever want someone to play cornet for you, please feel free to ask...